We're all about helping you identify, obtain and enhance the value of  your intellectual property.

Ipiphany was founded in 2008 to help clients identify, obtain and enhance the value of their intellectual property.


Ipiphany is a New Zealand intellectual property practice founded in 2008 by two Trans-Tasman Patent Attorneys, Ashlin Redpath and Andy Cable

​Ipiphany provides services and advice relating to intellectual property to clients in New Zealand and internationally.

We have registered Trans-Tasman Patent Attorneys in the Canterbury and Nelson/Tasman regions providing intellectual property services with specific emphasis on drafting, obtaining and protecting patents and registered designs throughout the world.

We enjoy working with people and companies who possess an innovative approach to their business and products and, importantly, who enjoy working with us.


We help to identify, obtain and enhance the value of your business using your intellectual property. Intellectual Property (IP) includes legal rights such as patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and plant variety rights.

These Intellectual Property rights include the intangible assets that make up the most valuable assets of innovative businesses.


We can provide advice on all aspects of intellectual property and we specialise in patents and design registrations. We offer a friendly, helpful service with emphasis on building the professional relationship with you and your business.

We’ve been drafting patents for many years and have been instrumental in not only the drafting and prosecution of patents but also in extracting the value of those patents.

We have long-term clients spanning a broad range of mechanical, electro-mechanical and software fields, including continuous working relationships of over 20 years. We’ve built a network of contacts and relationships across the world who can help you obtain value from your intellectual property.

We’re not just here to help you protect your intellectual property. We can also advise you on the sale and licensing of patents, i.e. ‘commercialisation’ or ‘monetisation’. As part of our services we may also be able to put you in contact with other advisors, investors, funding and other businesses to help your venture succeed.​

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We have attorneys located in Canterbury and Nelson/Tasman regions. We have worked for clients across New Zealand and internationally in a variety of industries from small start-ups to larger corporations.

We also work with a range of clients overseas, acting for them with respect to their NZ and Australian intellectual property.

Ashlin Redpath

Director, Founder

Registered Trans-Tasman Patent Attorney (Australia and New Zealand) Bachelor Of Science, Physics Bachelor of Business Studies, Management

I am a registered Trans-Tasman Patent Attorney located in the Nelson region of New Zealand and a partner in IPiphany, an Intellectual Property services firm. Having worked in various roles, including as a trainee accountant, my degrees in Physics and Management and interest in technology led me to the patent attorney role in 2005 at a large national firm. In 2008 I partnered with Andy Cable to start our own firm (IPiphany) in order to create a more flexible business and provide a better service to clients. I'm passionate about learning, innovation and helping innovators add value to their businesses using their Intellectual Property.

Andy Cable

Director, Founder

Registered Trans-Tasman Patent Attorney (Australia and New Zealand)

Registered Trans-Tasman Patent Attorney (Australia and New Zealand) Bachelor of Science (Hons), Applied Physics and Electronics Masters of Philosophy (MPhil), Electro-mechanical & Mechanical Weapons Research

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